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Founded by Bob Childress in 2006, The Lewis & Clark circus was Childress’s second show in the circus business. After successfully operating the Hendricks Bros. Circus from 1994 until 2006.

With the new show, Childress wanted to tour a smaller more intimate production. Allowing the whole show to move on pick-up trucks.

In 2013, Childress sold the Lewis & Clark Circus to circus performers, Lena, and Vandier Reis, who continue to operate it today.


Falling in love on the Clyde Beatty – Cole Bros. Circus, Lena an aerialist and Vandeir a professional acrobat found themselves with the opportunity to buy a circus. When Childress presented them the offer they sprung on the opportunity and the rest is history.

And now after one circus purchase, two kids and thousands of shows later. The Lewis & Clark Circus has carved itself into one of America’s Great Family Circuses.

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